Stronger & Lighter

SpecNano has discovered that Stronger and Lighter can be applied across multiple of the 6 identified domains. Stronger and Lighter reduce amount of materials required to achieve objective form factor characteristics allowing efficiency to achieve more load capacity with less. For vehicles this equates to less fuel and/or greater speed. Composites can now be used through an injection molding process to produce form factors faster, reduce cost (materials, production, and assembly processes), reduce repair and installation costs (size of tools and machines to lift components).

  • Nanomaterials can now be used to produce unique designs for high performance wing structures.
  • Nanomaterials can also be used in mobility and flexibility (returning to original shape) enhancement of advanced body armor.
  • Nanomaterials are showing positive test results of reducing weight, cure time, increased compression strength, and an added benefit of reducing liquid permeability when mixed with Portland Cement to make concrete.
  • An additional side benefit is the lubricious properties of the nanomaterial participles mixed with the Portland Cement flowed easier through the mixing and pumping equipment.