Moving is defined as a form factor changing location status. Nanomaterials have been discovered when added to improved energizing function they also determine speed of form factor status change. Vehicle movement is measured in Miles/Knots @ hour. Data movement is measured in bits@sec. Lifting of weight is measured in horsepower (1 HP = energy to lift 550 lbs one foot in one sec or electrically 746 watts of energy). Engine power is the relationship to develop HP based on volume (the total cubic centimeters of total cylinders) times cylinder revolutions (revolutions per minute). Electrical energy is measured in watts and how quickly the chemical (batteries) or electrostatic elements (supercapacitors) will release their electrons. Energizing has identified a secondary evaluation criteria of how many times this cycle can  charge and discharge before performance degrades or stops in relationship to speed and distance.

Objective: Discovery/assembly of nanomaterials delivering increased performance characteristics in the managed movement and/or non-movement of electrons in the creation, transport, and storage of energy (electricity and data), mechanical strength, and thermal conduction properties.