The single largest common element within the Department of Defense is the individual warfighter.  They have three basic desires: protection, communication, and power projection.

Protection is provided by vehicles they ride in or individual body armor. Communication is provided by the vehicles they ride in or must be carried by the warfighter. Power projection comes from the vehicle they ride in, weapons they carry, or calls for fires (support) over their communication systems for others to provide (artillery, rockets, and or missiles).

The operational terrain determines if vehicle can be used for protection and the capabilities of the body armor determines the degree of protection. Power constraints are defined by energy density and weight for communication. Weapon systems are functionality defined by size and weight constraints. Mounted and dismounted warfighters currently must make tradeoffs between mobility, protection, communication, and lethality.

SpecNano has discovered 2D nanomaterials have three distinct functional behavioral characteristics: Electrical, mechanical, and thermal conduction. Selection of an individual single or multiple combined 2D nanomaterials can provide the best solution for individual or multiple requirements.


2D Crystals combined with polymers:

  • Higher impact resistant than carbon fibers for individual armor
  • Armor vehicles weight can be reduced over 50%

2D Crystals

  • Increase energy density in batteries and super capacitors providing longer life at less weight
  • Can provide Electro Magnetic Pulse protection
  • Thermal conductive characteristics reduce weight of weapons while maintaining accuracy